Serpents and Saviours. The Atlantis Legacy Book 1

Serpents and Saviours. The Atlantis Legacy Book 1

Serpents and Saviours. The Atlantis Legacy Book 1

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This is my first novel, published 2020 under the Nom de Plume S.V.Wolfe. I hope you enjoy! Look out for Book 2 - Earth, due for release summer 2021.

Aella Scirocco has a dark secret. It has followed her for ten years, making sure she is always moving, always looking over her shoulder. For Aella, monsters are real. They hunt and they kill and haunt her nightmares. While working in Ireland, Aella almost believes her life can get back to normal and she begins to allow herself to have friends, to build a world for herself. The nightmares still plague her, but her waking world begins to resemble something she once knew.

All that changes the day Ares Baudelaire appears back into her life. All finds herself stumbling head long into the truth, that the reality we see is only a fraction of what is. Aella finds herself in a world that exists just below the matrix of our life, where good and evil collide head on. While Ares hunts her, Aella knows she will never be safe, for Ares is one of the Nahdreaa, an ancient reptilian race that came to earth during the time of Atlantis. Trapped here on earth for eons, they are the most dangerous threat to human existence in the history of the planet. For humans to them have only two purposes - slaves or food.

In her bid to escape, Aella finds herself in The Circus of Light, a secret organisation sworn to defend the human race in an ages long battle, on which the fate of all free beings rests. It is a war that has existed since the fateful fall of Atlantis, under the mighty wave that also sunk the Garden of E'den and sought to drown the world. Under the protection of the Circus, Aella finds a sanctuary in which she learns new skills as a performer, and begins to train for a war she still does not understand. 

As Ares Baudelaire stops at nothing to get hold of Aella, the Circus works to keep Aella away from Ares and the Nahdreaa. They must, for if this woman is who they suspect her to be, she must be kept safe at all costs. If she should end up in the hands of the Nahdreaa, all the hope of mankind will perish and the world will enter an age of darkness unlike any it has ever known.