Sacred Sleep Mist

Sacred Sleep Mist

Dreamweaver for weaving your dreams of bliss

• A luxurious blend of Jasmine, Vanilla and Lavender

Sacred Sleep Mist

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This delicious blend uses the trusted oil of lavender for relaxation but also adds vanilla and Jasmine for a scent that will gently coax you into a state of restful sleep. Vanilla has a long history of stress release and relaxation while jasmine in recent clinical trials has been shown to be more effective than lavender at promoting a deep and peaceful sleep. Let these sacred sleep oils carry you away into a blissful dream state.

Research shows jasmine improves sleep quality and cuts down on restless sleeping, as well as increasing daytime alertness. A 2002 study showed that jasmine delivered all of these sleep benefits, as well as lowering anxiety, even more effectively than lavender. 

- Michael J. Breus Ph.D.