Torc Ring - silver

Torc Ring - silver

Torc Ring - silver
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Sterling silver torc ring (one size) for the Bronze Age warrior in you!

The function of jewellery in history has always been to convey status. This is most especially true of the torc neck pieces of the Bronze Age, which through varying sizes and weights could communicate the power of the wearer. The Irish Bronze Age dates from approximately 2500 BC to 500BC. The period is characterised by the wealth of new, innovative and exciting metalworking techniques that were then incorpated into an elaborate social complex that began to explore the concepts of prestige and power. Often these peices of metalwork were for personal adornment and a high status object for personal adornment was seen as a symbol of wealth and importance. 

Torcs were produced in Ireland during the middle and late Bronze Age. This period of time resulted in the highest production of gold ornaments in Ireland.The gold torc of the Bronze Age was understood to have a ritual significance often being buried with the dead or deposited in sacred places in the landscape such as bogs, wetlands and near springs. 

The torc was one of the most common types of gold ornamentation and takes a number of forms. It can be similar to the Early Bronze Age lunulaes which are flat and crescent in shape. Although the torc would tradionally be heavier as a more substantial quantitiy of gold was used. This ring is reminiscent of the neck torc or the cloak fasteners that were worn during this era.