Release of The Atlantis Legacy Book 1 - Serpents and Saviours

 Wed, 21st Oct, 2020

So I finally did it...

I published a novel. Not just any novel but what is part of a whole new world that will span up to six books and perhaps shed light on the links between the legend of Atlantis and world myths and archetypes. Not only that, but how that legacy might still be working through us and events in this world today.

The Atlantis Legacy Book I - Serpents and Saviors is a genre-straddling adventure that is a mix of conspiracy thriller, fantasy and mythology. It was born from the question; “Did Atlantis exist and if so, where did the survivors end up?” Looking closer at the characters and the landscapes of the Irish Tuatha de Danaan, who are purported to have arrived to Ireland on ships in mists on the peaks of Sliabh na Iarainn in Co. Leitrim, it was a simple leap to imagine fugitives from the perished Atlantis ending up here, and other places where the great myths of the world were born. For myth ‘is a way of making sense in a senseless world’, they are ‘narrative patterns that give significance to our existence’ (Rollo May, The Cry for Myth, 1991).

Roaming the landscape of Ireland and speaking to the ancestors there, The Atlantis Legacy was born from the dreams and messages that rose up from the land, from the characters of myth that sprang up perhaps, from displaced groups of alien origin that needed to hide in plain sight. And of course a pervasive ancient  evil that saw to the demise of Atlantis and in doing so trapped themselves here, doomed to play out the same battles age after age. It was easy to imagine where evil would hide, with so many stories about corrupt business, religion and politics, their modern existence was not so hard to envisage. But what about the good guys? As I pondered this question of where the forces of peace and harmony would be now, I asked myself, would they hide and blend in? Or would they be out in the open? I felt like hiding in plain sight is what they would do and what better place to launch a crusade from than a circus!

Having spent years in the entertainment industry as a performer, director and producer, I met many angels and demons hidden in plain sight and I saw a lot of long lasting good done and often done in a wonderfully theatrical, covert way. It snow-ballled from there. The first book is set primarily between Brisbane, Australia; Athlone in Ireland, and France, as well as a parallel dimension that sits beside earth so to speak. These are places I know well, having grown up in Brisbane and traveled extensively before settling in the heart of Ireland, Athlone. 

So without further ado I welcome you to the world of Serpents and Saviors!

If you would like to purchase the e-book it is available from amazon worldwide (link to UK site below). The paperback is due for release in the next few week!


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